Executive Team

Samantha Wheatley, Proprietor

As Owner and Proprietor of Authentique Paper, Samantha brings a savvied business mind to the table. She has worked in the paper-craft industry for many years where she gained a fondness for retailers. A special respect for small business owners was formed in her youth, where she was raised around a multi-generational family owned retail business. Sam earned her degree in Business and Finance in her quest to be knowledgeable in all major aspects of business. 

Samantha has a keen eye for design and is a talented interior designer. Her use of color and scale are impeccable. She is a culinary expert and has been featured on morning television cooking segments using many recipes of her own creation. A knack for knowing when things are "just right" is wonderful skill she possesses. Authentique Paper's artistic style and commitment to quality are infulenced by Sam's gifts and natural talents. 

Positive, upbeat, quietly confident and strong, Sam is most comfortable performing her role and allowing others to shine. She is a warm weather girl who looks for any opportunity to travel and will do so at a moment's notice. She loves her dog Coco and they can often be seen side-by-side, whether at home with the family, in the office, or on the go. A mid-west girl through and through, Sam follows her hometown sports teams whether they win or lose.

Ryan Broman, Sales

Ryan specializes in account management and growth initiatives for Authentique Paper. His education and background in sales has helped to hone his unique ability to size up almost any situation. Ryan’s first taste of the crafting industry came when he worked for an industry leader in rubber stamp manufacturing.

Ryan instantly fell in love with the positive, upbeat nature of crafters and retailers, and they fell in love with him. To know Ryan is to know one of the most genuine people in the world. His characteristics are what Authentique stands for, so it was a natural that he join our team.

Ryan grew up in a family-owned business and is no stranger to hard work. Doing things the right way is very important to him. Ryan is a student first and foremost. He is always looking for ways to gain new insights, find new tools, and improve himself as a person. He brings a contagious enthusiasm to work each day, making everyone at Authentique better. Ryan epitomizes a famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all!”

Ryan has an adorable baby boy, Jax. He loves the outdoors, spending time at the family lake house in Minnesota, fishing, movies, hockey, and golf.  Ryan has many friends and has an amazing family to whom he gives credit for learning that ‘people matter.’

Emily Lanham, Social Media

Emily is the Design Team and Social Media Coordinator for Authentique Paper. She is fun, bright, well-organized, passionate and fully committed. She has a wonderful knowledge of paper-crafting and understands the nuances of various forms of crafting such as card-making, altered-art, albums, etc. Emily plays a huge behind-the-scenes role for Authentique Paper and interacts with everyone on our design team, as well as the home office, to keep us connected and current on social media trends.

She is a stay at home mom who lives in Southern Ohio and is happily married to the love of her life, Brandon. Her husband deserves much of the credit for her success because of his support of her hobby and his constant encouragement for her to “keep at it!”

Emily has a beautiful daughter, Reagan, and a handsome step-son, Reid. After a mild loss of interest in her hobby, she recently found the strength to get back into paper crafting and decided to combine her skills and talents in organization as well as the creative side of the business.

Jody Kirklin, Design

Jody is the silent hero of Authentique Paper and an invaluable member of the Authentique family. She is a true professional and has spent over a decade as an in-house designer of stationary, scrapbooking and kids’ crafting products.  Determined, team-minded and quietly confident, Jody is somewhat better at sharing compliments than receiving them; this trait, perhaps, best sums up her genuine and selfless nature. Extremely self-motivated, Jody works tirelessly to execute the Authentique vision.

Her dedication and passion are reflected through the depth and range of her work. She is a perfectionist who ensures her work is thorough and does not look at cutting corners as an option. Jody loves to have fun, has a smile on her face, a bounce to her step and is ready to tackle whatever comes her way.

Jody is inspired by the world around her and can see patterns and color palettes everywhere she looks. She has a vast love of music, movies and books. She has also been known to talk in quotes or start singing a song based on something said in conversation. She is a tomboy, loves sports and has enjoyed attending University of Michigan football games her entire life. Jody is a health-nut and her treadmill is her self-proclaimed best friend. In fact, a day doesn’t pass without her “treading” at least once, if not twice.

Jody has a love of family and time with them is a premium. She is married to a motorcycling, camping, adventure-seeker, who is still trying to convince her to love the outdoors more than she thinks a person should. Together, they enjoy spending free time renovating their home, which was purchased as a re-do, allowing them to start with a blank slate, a designer’s dream!

Bret Cornell, President

Having built and sold a successful Hobby and Craft company, Bret's unique leadership style and vast manufacturing knowledge are once again being utilized by Authentique Paper. He has assembled an all-star cast of talented professionals and enjoys a behind-the-scenes role.

Bret's impressive resume also includes being twice named a Vice President for multi-million dollar companies. He has most recently been sought after as a business consultant and sales trainer. He is a passionate leader who directs all aspects of business with a forward-thinking vision. Bret is a certified business coach and created Thoughtgate, a corporate culture training program. He maintains interest in a gourmet seafood cannery and a fashion headwear brand.

Bret and his wife Samantha proudly raise three wonderful children. They love to travel, attend sporting events, and frequent their favorite restaurants and hotels.  Bret enjoys the arts and has served as a board member for two foundations, helping raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes. Bret played collegiate baseball and enjoys sports, especially golf. He has coached both of his daughter's soccer and basketball teams. He loves to wash the cars, get together with friends and listen to his son to share bits of wisdom.